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Meal Plan Option with 1300 Calories per Day Delivered In Dublin

20 Jan 2022
1300 calorie diet

What is a 1300 calorie diet?

1300 calories a day is a diet that creates a cut down of calories from the least calorie number needed by your body for losing weight. This process balances all the nutrients keeping in mind that your calorie budget is limited and that essentially works for you. This is not a shortcut for losing targeted body fat. Simple stretching along with yoga are excellent approaches to get a toned body when combined with diet meal plans. Sudden cut-down of intake of calories may affect your metabolism and you may gain weight again once you stop the diet. To ensure sustained weight loss, start with changes to your diet. This activity doesn't sound very easy initially, but it is achievable. Luckily, we have simplified this step for you. You just have to stick to the food suggestions we have for you in 1300 calories a day meal plan. This process is a sample diet plan that shows what you can take within a limited budget. The plan depends on many factors such as your age, level of activities level, and your medical health. So, it is important to have a word with a nutritionist to get a tailored diet plan. After following this, you would have achieved a perfect weight loss and enjoyed the excellent nutritional benefits of a healthy meal plan in the long run.


Here are healthy meal suggestions to start your week with: 


Peanut butter and banana toast 

Add one slice of whole-wheat bread to half a banana and one tablespoon honey two tablespoons of peanut butter.


Jelly sandwich with grilled peanut butter 

Two slices of regular multi-grain bread with a teaspoon butter and a tablespoon of jams and preserves



Spicy yoghurt with a chicken wrap

Make chicken breast using one Greek yoghurt (non-fat); lime juice would be two tablespoons of hot sauce, two lettuce (shredded) and two tortillas.



Enjoy a bowl of cornflakes

To 2 cups ready to eat cornflakes, add 2 cups fat milk (reduced)


Salsa Tuna wrap 

Combine two tablespoons salsa and one can of tuna, place on the tortilla wrap, sprinkle a little cheddar cheese and enjoy. 


A perfect evening for a chicken caesar salad 

To a cooked chicken breast, add a tablespoon of salad olive oil. Mix one tablespoon Caesar salad and one tablespoon parmesan cheese to the remaining olive oil in a separate bowl. Add the mix to the cooked chicken breast and serve.



Strawberry Protein Shake

In an orderly manner, add milk (reduced fat), one scoop of protein powder, one cup of ice cubes and strawberries into a blender and stir until smooth. Serve and enjoy.


Enjoy Chicken celery sticks. 

To one canned chicken, add two tablespoons of mayonnaise and half spoon garlic powder and salt in a bowl and stir thoroughly. With the stalk celery cut in half, add significant portions of chicken and serve


Chicken Mayo salad 

To a heated canola oil, add chicken and cook for six minutes. Cut the lettuce and add, together with one tablespoon of mayonnaise, to the bowl of Chicken. Enjoy the mix with two slices of bread.



Sausage and egg breakfast sandwich 

Add one slice of toasted bread to a sausage made into a patty, cook your eggs until it is well done and enjoy. 


Delicious Turkey Sandwich 

Spread the mustard on one of the slices of bread, add well-cut lettuce and turkey to enjoy 


Dinner with a fantastic bowl of mixed vegetables in cheese sauce 

Add the chicken breast to a boiled pot of water and boil to cook. Together with sliced pieces of the Chicken add everything into a pan on the heat, stirring until the cheese melt.


Here is a mouth-watering meal to end the week on a high. 


Maple butter oatmeal 

Cook the oatmeal, add in one tablespoon of butter and two tablespoons of syrup, stir until the butter melts, and then serve.


Strawberry protein smoothie 

Add all ingredients to a blender and stir until smooth. Serve and enjoy


Mozzarella and Hummus on flat multi-grain bread 

Spread the Hummus and mozzarella on a half-cut flatbread. Once done, fold over with the other half and heat to warm.



Apple sandwiches with almond butter and granola 

Slice the apples into pieces and spread the sliced parts with almond butter, top up with generous amounts of granola and to the top, add another sliced apple piece


Peach protein smoothie for your midday satisfaction

Place the milk (low-fat), a scoop of the protein powder together with one medium peach and a tablespoon of honey. Stir the mix until smooth.


End the day on a high by having Asian-style beef and broccoli for dinner 

Cook the vegetables in heated oil until they become tender and the onion turns brown. Add the sirloin beef and cook until done. Add the soy sauce and chicken broth and serve hot.


The end of the week is here with us, and we thought you might want to have something fun, delicious and healthy to relax. Here are some suggestions:


Banana berry "ice cream"

Add three medium-sized bananas, one cup of raspberries and three ice cubes and stir until smooth. 


Lettuce cucumber walnut salad 

To a bowl of lettuce, add sliced pieces of cucumber. Add one tablespoon of oil, salt, and pepper to the same bowl. Crush the mix and add a quarter cup of chopped walnuts


With the weekend coming to a close, enjoy yourself with a healthy plate of BBQ Chicken sandwiches.

Cook the chicken breast in one tablespoon of olive oil. Shred the chicken into smaller pieces and add it to the toasted bread, add two tablespoons barbecue sauce and a generous amount of cheese to the bread and serve.

Pertinent issues on aspects of weight loss, a more straightforward, faster manner to make along, effective change is to get into habits that are easy to follow and adhere to for long periods. It is for this reason that this plan is structured. This whole week of guilt-free and tasty food will keep you indulged in guessing for the grocery list and getting some ideas of breakfast, lunch, and dinner that have to be nutritionist-approved. If you tend to have a higher calorie activity level, you can use our meal plan for 1300 calories a day to guide you in formulating a new meal plan. Also, to keep up with the perfect plan for weight loss plan, making checklists beforehand for the coming day can help check the ones you have kept on.

Meal Delivery Plan in Dublin

Select your healthy meal based on your goals and needs. If there is any food you may be allergic to or you may dislike, we can alter it accordingly. Our expert chefs will prepare the meal and will make sure that the meal delivered in Dublin is fresh, healthy and tasty.

In summary, to follow any diet plan effectively for a healthy weight loss meal plan, you need to plan out your shopping list a week ahead to avoid hassles or you can simply choose to go for meal plan delivery.

At Reuben’s Gourmet Meal Co., we deliver healthy meal plans that are freshly made and delicious in taste. These meal plans can be delivered to you anywhere in Northern Ireland and in Dublin. It would help include healthy options from all food groups, with personalized weekly weight loss meal plans based on your food choice and within your budget. The program looks into various factors such as age, activity levels, and the individual's medical conditions, thereby customizing your weight loss needs. So, if you are looking forward to shedding out excess fat, then a healthy choice would be to go for a 1300 calorie diet.

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