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5 Days Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Diet Meal Plan


Struggling to get a weight loss nutrition plan that is both healthy and enjoyable? Our chefs have balanced this tasty plan to enable you to lose weight, even with minimal exercise. Low in calories, high in natural goodness.


When it comes to losing weight, the easiest and most impactful and lasting tactic is getting a meal plan that you can stick to. Ready-to-eat diet meal plans help you lose extra weight and at the same time improve your health. You can only be successful by having the proper meal plan that ensures you get the required nutrients while still creating a calorie deficit. If you wonder how this is possible, start with our 5-day weight loss meal plan and gradually making it a lifetime habit can really help you stay healthy.

We provide you with a 5-day Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner diet meal plan guide which is very easy to follow. So what you get is a 5-day weight loss plan that is full of delicious food options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And what more at Reuben’s, we also provide diel meal plan delivery in Belfast and across Northern Ireland right to your doorsteps.

What do you get in 5 Days Weight Loss Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Meal Plan?

  • Breakfast and Lunch meals are usually between 450-550 calories.
  • Dinner meals are between 450-550 calories per meal with 40g protein per meal.

Benefits Of 5 Days Weight Loss Meal Plans

• Enjoy A Variety

Without a meal plan, you will tend to eat the same exact meal more often than you realize. Having a meal plan will help you play around with several meals replacing each food type with its alternative, such as for protein you can have every kind of meat on its day. You can also increase the types of food you eat per meal, thus having a balanced diet that is good for weight loss.

• Avoid Unhealthy Options

Diet plans to lose weight ensure that you get an opportunity to reduce weight fast compared to processed foods which have high levels of unhealthy calories. With a diet plan, you can stick to the healthy meals outlined for you for every single meal.

• Portion Control

Food portioning is essential in creating that calorie deficit as you will understand better the energy values of different portion sizes. Having a meal plan stating the exact amount you need to take helps you not get carried away by certain meals leading you to eat more.

• Encourages Three Meals A Day

Due to busy schedules, most people skip meals at lunch and end up having snacks between breakfast and dinner. This is not healthy as snacks contain high levels of unhealthy calories. Having a diet plan ensures you are never missing any meal and, at the same time, snack intake is reduced.

How Meal Plans Help In Weight Loss

Meal plans help to create calorie deficit while still ensuring your body is getting the nutrients required to maintain it healthy and functional. Calorie deficit forces your body to use the existing body fats as the source of energy and in turn, you end up losing weight.

Even if you are very determined, sticking to your plan can be stressful due to busy schedules and you may not find time to make the food. We come in here and provide you with ready-to-eat meal plans saving you this entire struggle.

Why Choose Reubens Meal Plans

  • Personalized Meal Plan- By factoring in how much you want to lose, level of activity and healthy dietary requirements, we make a meal plan for you.
  • Delivery- We offer diet meal plans delivery services, making it easier for you to have yours even when you have a busy schedule.
  • Hygiene- We always maintain a high level of hygiene throughout the meal preparation and delivery process.
  • Affordable- We offer affordable ready meal diet plans while maintaining high quality.

The Bottom Line

Weight loss through meal plans is achievable, but it requires high commitment and discipline. It involves following a structured program that works for you to lose weight successfully and sustainably. Don’t struggle to lose weight; reach out to us for ready-to-eat meal plans and get guaranteed results.
5 Days Diet Dinner and Lunch Meal Plans

Local Belfast Deliveries: Sun:12:30pm - 9:30pm | Weds: 6pm - 9:30pm. 

Nationwide deliveries: Weds: 10am-9:30pm.

5 Days Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Diet Meal Plan



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Our Menu changes weekly. All our meals are freshly prepared by our team of chefs using only fresh, local produce. We provide meal prep delivery across Northern Ireland.