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Low on Sugar Diet Plans? Try Healthy Weekly Meal Plans

20 Aug 2021
low sugar meal plan

Diabetes is a terminal illness that interferes with how your body converts food portions to energy. It hinders the body's ability to regulate blood sugar, therefore causing imbalances within the blood sugar levels. There are two types of diabetes: type 1 and 2. Type 1 diabetes is where the body insulin is impaired and rendered useless hence cannot process sugar in the bloodstream. In comparison, type two diabetes occurs when the body cells become resistant to insulin, contributing to high blood sugar levels. As much as diabetes is a fatal disease, it can be managed by taking insulin injections, following proper dietary habits, and doing regular physical exercises.

Meal Plans for Diabetes

After being diagnosed with diabetes, it can be overwhelming to stop your regular dietary habits and switch to a meal plan for diabetes. However, it would help if you were consistent with what you decide to eat as your healthy meal plan. Secondly, it is always advisable to start with small amounts of the recommended meals. 

Then eventually, you will find yourself completely changing your old dietary habits and adapting to your new diet plans. Being consistent with your meal plans is the most important thing to observe. Here are a few changes to your meals that could help you curb blood sugar levels.


Having proteins such as meat, eggs, chicken, nuts, and fish in your meals will help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Since they reduce the digestion of carbohydrates and glucose absorption in your blood. Thereby ensuring that your blood sugar levels are maintained at a stable state.

 As such, you should always consider including protein every time you have carbohydrates in a meal. For example, consider including eggs or peanut butter to help curb blood sugar when having a slice of bread.


These are not broken-down carbohydrates, such as whole-grain brown bread, rice, and fruits, beans, lentils, and vegetables.  Like proteins, they are also slowly digested hence preventing sugar levels from rising.

In that, it slows the rate of absorption of fat and sugar from food samples, thus averting the risk of sugar spikes in the bloodstream. Its reduction in absorption of fats helps lower cholesterol and triglycerides hence assisting to regulate blood sugar levels.

Physical Exercise

Engaging in exercises like jogging, walking, biking, and heavy weight lifting enables you to reduce blood sugar levels. Since, when your muscles contract during exercise, your body cells take up glucose and use it for energy regardless of whether insulin is present or not. Thereby regulating blood sugar levels in your bloodstream.

Equally important to note is that being active enables your cells to become sensitive to insulin; as a result, this helps you regulate blood sugar in your bloodstream. Here are some additional benefits that physical exercise contributes to a diabetic patient.

  • Losing or maintain the required healthy weight
  • Burning bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol
  • Enables you to sleep well, having enough rest.
  • Makes you feel cheerful and happier.

Reduced Consumption of Carbohydrates and Sugar

You avoid carbohydrates since they are easily digested, thus quickly releasing sugar in your bloodstream, causing sugar spikes in your blood. Similarly, you should avoid sugary beverages since they contribute significantly to adding tons of calories to the blood. You should instead take more sugarless beverages like water to help regulate blood sugar levels.

Stick to Routine Meals

Observing the routine meals are important since skipping meals or overeating in between meals could cause blood sugar fluctuations. Whereas eating routine meals consistently helps the body to manage the sugar levels, as food samples are digested in small portions. Unlike when u miss out on meals or have meals in between regular meals, which causes blood sugar fluctuations.

Meal Plan for Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is known to have the best cuisine in the United Kingdom due to its unique cooking style. The capital city of Belfast is also renowned for its world-class dining and wining. However, maintaining a meal plan remains a crucial step for residents of Belfast and Northern Ireland. 

Since, Belfast is becoming a busy city with traffic jams all-over, thus ordering meal plans could help you save on time and be more productive at work. In that you could be quickly delivered with healthy meals that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. As such, ordering meal plans could also have positive economic implications in your life.

Correspondingly, meal plans help you stay healthy since they follow a particular health routine, compared to when you decide to cook from home since you might not have the discipline to maintain health track of your eating habits. Therefore, meal plans are the best way to maintain a healthy dietary habit. 

Weight Loss for Diabetes 

Weight loss for diabetes is relevant especially for type 2 diabetic patients whose insulin has become resistant. Hence making more sugar levels be added to the bloodstream.

Secondly, being overweight puts you at risk of getting diabetes since, as explained above your insulin reaches a point that it cannot effectively regulate the sugar levels in your bloodstream.

With increased insulin resistance, it becomes difficult to regulate blood sugar levels hence increasing the risk of diabetes. Losing weight for diabetic patients also helps them move freely during their day-to-day activities and while doing exercises. These activities ultimately contribute to their blood sugar control.


 If you are looking to find a healthy nutrition plan that is enjoyable and pocket-friendly, Reuben’s Gourmet Meal Co. is your one-stop shop. Subscribe to our weekly meal plans that suit your health conditions, whether anticipating losing, maintaining, or adding weight. Our weekly diet plan helps you lose weight with a little consistency with exercising. We have a variety of meal plans that will help you stay healthy. These plans can be delivered to you anywhere in Northern Ireland. Finally, our meal plans will also help you save on time, money, and environmental hazards, such as pollution and degradation.

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