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Can you save money with healthy meal plans?

09 Sep 2021
Can you save money with healthy meal plans?

The population in our cities is rising by the day, and many of these people are busy throughout. They hardly find time to cook after spending hours in traffic and getting home late and tired. That is why many of them have opted to order food from food outlets to sustain their feeding concerns. However, others still believe that ordering healthy meals is expensive, though that’s not the truth. When you order food, ensure you have a meal plan that guides you on the type of food you order and the amount of food to order. Similarly, make sure that you do not order more than you need, to avoid wastage and also maintain a healthy diet.

How Much Do Meal Plans Cost?

If you ask how much does it cost to eat healthy per month, we would say not more than your health! As per NimbleFins, average cost of food per week in the UK is £40.3.

Meal plan cost depends on the package you intend to order since meals depend on diet. Cost of a meal plan may start from as low as £4 per meal. A healthy and disciplined diet for maintaining or losing weight consists of three meals, and the meals differ according to the type of foods prescribed; thus, the prices also differ. The prices for the other diets also differ depending on the types of food ordered. There are exotic and local cuisines. They all come at different prices.

You can log on to our website and check our meal plan menus, prices and discounts.

Can you Save Money with Healthy Meal Plan?

Yes, healthy meal plans help you save money, in that planning in advance for what you will eat helps you avoid food wastage and saves time. Ordering food saves you the cost of buying food ingredients and groceries. It also enables you to save time of preparing meals, in which you could do other things that can help you generate money. 

Then again, healthy meal plans help you avoid diseases that could cost you much money during treatment, for example, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and other lifestyle diseases like cancer and obesity. However, by ordering healthy meal plans, you can save money that could otherwise go towards treating such conditions. 

What is the Financial Implication of not Eating Healthy Meal Plans?

Eating junk food might cost you a lot later on when you fall sick due to poor nutrition and feeding habits. Since you might end up acquiring health complications that are expensive to manage and treat. Thereby end up spending more than when you could have opted to eat healthy meal plans.

Equally important to note is that healthy meal plans help you with your financial planning, in that you can know the amount you need to spend on food for a particular time, either weekly, fortnight or monthly. Thereby helping you come up with a specific budget; as such, you can spend the remaining amount of your income on other things. 

What are the Effects of Healthy Meal Plans on Individual Spending?

Healthy meal plans help you budget in advance, thereby enabling you to understand your food expenditure pattern. Hence, allowing you to manage your finance and reduce any wastage that might occur therein, either through buying too much food than you need or overspending than you should.

On the same note, healthy meal plans help you stick to a strict dietary routine, thus minimizing spending on unnecessary things. Consequently, enabling you to avoid extravagant spending and impulse buying; as such, you can save money that could have otherwise gone to satisfy your cravings.

  1. Healthy Meal Plans are Cheaper

Healthy meal plans are cheap in terms of the quality of food served compared to the amount of money they cost. Healthy meal plans contain balanced diets that might be costly if you decide to prepare them from home. Since by ordering, you avoid the cost of buying food ingredients and time consumed while cooking and still end up eating a healthy meal at a lower price.

This helps you save a lot of money in the long run and avoid situations that might cost you excessively if you contract lifestyle diseases that are expensive to treat and manage because health-related complications are expensive to handle, especially if you do not have a health insurance policy to cover for your medical bills.

  1. Cost Efficiency of Ordering Healthy Meal Plans Compared to Cooking at Home

It is not logical to cook at home if you are alone since you will spend more than when you order food from an outlet. Secondly, you waste time buying food items, ingredients and preparing the food because time is money and should be wisely spent. Similarly, if you cook at home, you might end up cooking more than you require, hence throwing away food, which is a waste of money. 

Then again, it is cheaper to order healthy meal plans when hosting an event or social gathering such as weddings, social, private and corporate parties than preparing the food locally. Preparing the food for such events would involve hiring personnel and buying many food items and ingredients, which might be expensive. 

  1. No Need to Enroll in Cooking Lessons While You Can Order Healthy Meal Plans

Many people find cooking difficult or might want to eat exotic cuisines that they don’t know how to prepare. Therefore, they take cooking classes that come at a cost, whereas they could order the same meals at a lower price and enjoy a better quality meal well prepared by professionals than they could have prepared at home.


In conclusion, ordering healthy meal plans is more suitable than preparing meals by yourself since it saves you money, time, and pain of cooking low quality and meals that are not healthy. Because while cooking by yourself you would wish to satisfy your cravings and end up cooking junk and unhealthy meals. Notably, healthy meal plans also help you with your financial planning. You can know the amount you need to spend on food for a particular time, either weekly, fortnight, or monthly, thereby helping you improve on your spending habits and financial management skills.

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